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Shell Scheme Stands – Traditional Type

The Beauty Show

General Information

Shell scheme stands at The Beauty Show are of traditional build – please see the spec. below. Stands are built by the BDC and queries should be sent to Jessica Shephard (  Orders for electrics, traditional stand accessories and stand flooring will be made via the BDC’s online shop. However, the shop site is currently being upgraded and, in the meantime, orders can be made by emailing Jessica with your requirements. Forms showing options and tariffs have been issued with this manual.

Please note that anyone access the venue prior to 16:00 on the build day will be required to wear high vis and appropriate footwear.

Health & Safety

Please ensure you read the Health & Safety section of the manual, download and circulate the Site Rules and complete the Health & Safety Declaration. 


Batten and plywood walls are 2740mm high and painted white. Exhibits may be fixed to the walls using pins, nails, screws, staples and mirror plates from the fixing points, provided no damage is caused to the walls. Cavity fixings such as toggle bolts and double-sided tape may not be used to fix exhibits. Damages that prevent the further use of panels will be charged back to the relevant exhibitor at a cost of £55.12 per panel. The standard weight limit for hanging exhibits is 5kg.  For further advice on fixings and weight limits, please contact the BDC direct.

Walls can be painted a colour other than white – please visit the online shop for further details.

Fascia Stands have a 250mm deep grey fascia. The fascia is supported by posts at each corner of the stand. For stands with open sides over 4m in length, there will also be a post in the centre to support the fascia.

If you want to remove the stand fascia, it may be possible, but your stand walls will need to be braced by walls within your stand space.


The nameboard is attached to your fascia and displays your company name and stand number. Please specify your exact requirements via the nameboard form.


Stands can be fitted with a muslin or casement ceiling at additional cost if required – please review the Shell Scheme Accessories tariff and contact to order.


The BDC is carpeted in grey carpet tiles.  If you would like to change the colour of your carpet, please review the Shell Scheme Accessories tariff and contact to order. Please be aware that you will also need to order floor ply or a platform as carpet cannot be laid directly on top of the existing carpet, and ali. edging.


No electrics are provided with your stand – please review the Shell Scheme Electrics  tariff for options and contact to order.

Please not that if you require your lighting positioned anywhere on your stand other than on the fascia, you will also need to order wooden battens via the traditional extras order area.

Stand Extras

A variety of interior fittings to your stand can be ordered  – such as shelving, additional panels, lockable doors, night sheets, fabric ceilings and painted wall panels. Please review the Shell Scheme Accessories tariff and contact to order. 


Traditional Type Visual

The below images show a typical Shell Scheme set-up; with an internal batten framework configuration.

Shell Scheme Measurements

Advice on Power

Exhibition power supplies vary from household supplies. Below is a quick guide to help you order the correct supplies and avoid problems during the event - such as tripped supplies.

500W Sockets - Rated at 2 Amp and can supply:

  • One computer (or 2 laptops)
  • A small domestic fridge
  • Four mobile phone chargers
  • Table lamp
  • Television & video
  • Or any combination of the above using a single 4-way extension (maximum length 2m) subject to a total load of 500W

1KW Sockets – Rated at 4 Amp and can supply:

  • Small domestic coffee machine (750W – 1KW)
  • Small domestic steamer (900W – 1KW)
  • Small microwave cooker (750W – 1KW)
  • Vacuum cleaner (800W – 1KW)

2KW & 3 KW Sockets – Rated at 10 Amp & 13 AMP and can supply:

  • Jug Kettle (2KW – 3KW)
  • Catering coffee machine (1 5KW – 3KW)
  • Industrial Cleaners (1 2KW – 3KW)

Further information:

  • All sockets are supplied on a daytime power only basis unless a 24hr continuous supply is ordered.
  • Actual power requirements will vary dependent upon the individual equipment used. All electrical equipment has a Rating Plate that shows its power consumption in Watts or Kilowatts. You should check before you order your power.
  • If you are ordering a socket to supply your own lighting arrangement, the maximum power rating of any single lighting circuit is 1000W (1KW) – so if you had 3KW of lighting on your stand, you would need to order 3 x 1KW sockets for this requirement.
  • Shell Scheme exhibitors are not permitted to carry out their own stand wiring.



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