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A-Z of Information

The Beauty Show

A - Z of General Information

A - Z of General Information


Accessibility & Disabled Facilities

There are various facilities for people with disabilities at the BDC including 8 dedicated parking spaces for blue badge holders in the on-site carpark (please pre-book), the front of the building access is ramped with a lift to all floors and there are disabled toilets on all level.  The BDC also provides a limited number of wheelchairs – to book, please call 020 7288 6475 or email 


If you would like to be dropped off at the BDC, please contact the BDC front of house team on 020 7288 6475; they will give you access to the forecourt through their security point.



With the exception of assistance dogs, animals are not usually permitted.  In exceptional circumstances if the animal is vital for the product being promoted, permission may be given provided all the requirements and regulations are met.  Please apply to  by 15 July.


Audio Visual

A full range of audio visual equipment including plasmas can be hired from the official supplier Aztec Ev – please visit their show website for details and pricing.


If you are using wireless microphones from any other source,it is your responsibility to ensure they are licensed appropriately with OFCOM; please also consider:

  • The use of Channel 69 is no longer legal - which some older microphones will use.

  • Microphones which operate in the following ranges are exempt from licensing a) UHF: 863.100-864.900MHz (hand-held transmissions of 10mW and body-worn transmitters of 50mW, b) VHF: 173.700 - 175.10MHz, c) Audio equipment below 10mW: 2.400-2.4835GHz.

  • License exemption does not provide users with any form of protection from other users and there may be heavy sharing of certain locations.  The ability of equipment to withstand interference may depend on its design, quality and robustness.

Further information on wireless equipment licensing can be obtained from Ofcom at / +44 207 981 3803.


Balloons, Airships & Blimps

The use of balloons, airships and blimps to dress your stand is not permitted.  Balloons may also not be distributed to the public from your stand owing to the potential damages to the air handling units in the hall.


Banners / Rigged Structures

Rigged items such as banners, truss, canopies and lighting grids are not permitted at this event.


Canvassing / Aisle Congestion

To help prevent aisle congestion, exhibitors may only conduct business and distribute literature from their own stand space; activities may not spill into gangways and roaming comic characters are not allowed.


Carpet & Flooring

The venue is fully carpeted.  It is not permitted to cut or remove any venue carpet tiles not lay carpet directly on top of the BDC carpet.  If you wish to lay your own floorcovering, you will be required to lay a wooden floor / platform over the venue carpet which must be finished with metal / plastic edging and you are required to take adequate precaution to protect the venue carpet from damage.


Cashpoints / ATM


There are a number of cashpoints along Upper Street.  Please see locations: 


Catering & Alcohol

All stand catering must be ordered through the BDC’s catering partner, The Good Eating Company.  If any exhibitor brings in their own catering for staff or visitor consumption, concessions fees will be charged and the amount will be dependent upon the quantity and type of catering being provided.  Contact / 07871 526 254.



Children under 16 are not permitted in the hall for any reason during build-up, breakdown or out of show public hours during the open period. They are not allowed on your stand before the show opens each morning or after it closes each evening.


You are also reminded that UK legislation exists for children who are under 16 and working on your stand in any capacity. You must apply for a permissions letter from the child’s Local Education Authority and email it to by 16 July together with a summary of how the child will be working and what arrangements are being made for their welfare.


Should any children become separated from their guardians during the event, please either alert a member of the Organising team, the NEC Security team or accompany them to the Organisers Office.  Do not offer them any food or drink.



During build-up and breakdown all standfitting materials MUST be removed from the hall – only standard household style waste that can fit into a black plastic bag will be removed by the venue cleaners.    During the open period, bags of acceptable rubbish should be left in the gangways for removal by the cleaners and stands will be vacuumed each evening.  At all times you are responsible for removing the following items and charges will be levied for non-compliance:

  • Excess literature and promotional products.

  • Excess stand fitting materials.

  • Carpet (unless supplied by the shell scheme contractor), carpet tape, flooring and platform floors. 

  • Crates and pallets

  • Building waste such as bricks, sand and stand fitting materials

  • Metal work

  • Hazardous waste including paint, solvents, chemicals, clinical waste, aerosols, oils or lubricants, including rags used in the application of these substances.

  • Cooking oils

  • Externally brought in Strip Lights (fluorescent tubes) and light bulbs.



There is a cloakroom inside the main venue entrance and there is a charge of £1.50 per items.  The cloakroom opens 30 minutes before the event opens and closes 30 minutes after it closes.


Credit Card Terminals

Wireless Terminal Solutions are the appointed show supplier for wireless and fixed phone line credit card / pdq machines.  Please visit 



If you choose to cycle to the BDC, we offer free cycle storage in our on-site car park. You can also rent Santander bikes from several hire stations in the Islington area.



Please refer to the Deliveries & Parking tab for full information.



Exhibitors must advise the Organisers of any demonstrations they are carrying out on their stand via submission of the Health & Safety Form and should ensure that:

  • Demonstrations do not constitute a fire or safety hazard. 

  • The activity is contained within your stand space and does not protrude into the gangways

  • Any viewing areas must also be factored into your stand design and space.

  • All working machinery must have appropriate guarding, controls must be out of the public reach and the machinery may only be used by trained operatives.

  • A sign must be prominently displayed to avoid people becoming accidentally injured.

  • Any products being demonstrated must conform to the appropriate British Standards and have "CE" Marking.

  • An appropriate hygiene regime has been put in place.

In some cases, additional control measures will be required dependent upon the nature of the demonstration and you may be required to use tensator barriers to create a suitable queue are.



You are not permitted to fix to any part of the BDC building (walls, balconies, etc.).  Charges will be levied to any exhibitor or contractor causing damage of any kind to the venue.



The use of drones is note permitted.


Electrics, Power & Lighting

No power or lighting is included with shell scheme or space only stands.  Orders can be placed by contacting Jessica Shephard,  Please refer to the tariffs issued with this manual for options and charges.  Orders must be received 7 days prior to the event to avoid surcharges.


Emergency Procedures

Please pay careful attention to the BDC’s Emergency Procedures and circulate them to all staff working on your stand during the open period - including hired hostesses, translators etc.  They are available in the download section.


First Aid

If First Aid is required, please contact the Organisers Office or a member of the venue’s security team. In the event of a serious accident, do not call the emergency services direct - please inform the Organisers Office so that First Aid staff can attend and the venue can direct the ambulance to a suitable location and ensure a swift path of access across the venue site.


Floral & Plant Hire

Floral and plants can be ordered from Classic Plants.  Plastic flowers are not permitted for reasons of safety – only real and specially treated / fire proofed artificial flowers are allowed.  Visit 


Freight Forwarding, Lifting & Handling & Customs

Worldwide Exhibition Services are the official logistics partner of the BDC and they offer a full range of services including UK transport and distribution, UK warehousing, lifting and handling on-site, international freight forwarding and customs clearance.  Contact / +44 20 8508 224 with your requirements.


Please also note, if you are shipping goods into and out of the UK, customs procedures apply, including from Europe.  Customs clearance is needed to import and export goods and you will be required to produce shipping documentation.  This may include commercial invoices containing produce descriptions, tarrif numbers and terms of shipping.  It is highly recommended that you contact the event’s official shipping partner, Worldwide Exhibition Specialists, to arrange your shipping and customs requirements.



Furniture can be hired from our official contractor, Thorns, or you may bring in your own.  Contact Tara with any queries that you may have on Tel: +44 (0)208 801 4444 / Email:  Orders can be placed via the booking link below and please note there is a booking discount of 20% for orders placed before 09/08/24.  Please use the code TBS24

Booking Link:



The use of gas is not permitted at the BDC.



To secure the best accommodation within your budget we recommend you book as early as possible.   We have appointed BCD M&E to help you find affordable accommodation that meets your requirements and suits your requirements.  Benefits include:

  • No administration or handling fees

  • Access to a wide selection of hotels at the lowest available rates


Individuals and small groups (up to 8 rooms)  can reserve hotels directly using the online reservation system. Just enter your arrival and departure date and make your choice from a wide selection of hotels. We recommend you book as soon as possible so we can guarantee the lowest rates.


For group bookings of 9+ rooms, please send your request by e-mail to so we can assist you with your group booking.



Telephone: +44 (0)203 238 7133

Booking Link: 


Health & Safety

Please ensure that you have read and understood the health and safety section of this manual, that you brief all stand contractors and staff with the site rules and that you issue all your teams with the venue’s emergency procedures.



You are also reminded that you are responsible for effecting insurance cover for:

  • Public liability to a recommended level of at least £5,000,000

  • Exhibits and stand contents

  • Expenses incurred due to the abandonment or postponement of the exhibition.

Although every precaution is taken to protect exhibitors and their property during the event, the Organisers expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage which may befall the person or property of the exhibitor or his agent from any cause whatsoever. 

The Financial Services Authority regulations do not permit us to advise you on any insurance matter. However, we wish to draw your attention to insurance for Exhibitors offered by InEvexco. You are under no obligation to purchase such insurance and you may choose to seek insurance from other providers.  Contact: for further information.


Internet & Connectivity

A variety of internet and data services are available from the BDC – please refer to thr Order Form for pricing and information.  There is also complimentary Wi-Fi (“BDC_Openzone”) for basic internet use, with a maximum speed of 0.5Mbps, but its reliability will depend on demand – if you require a dedicated business connection, you are strongly recommended to order a hard wired connection.


Lead Capture - Visitors Passes

Lead capture devices are not offered at this event.


Lost Property

Lost Property should be handed into the main reception desk of the BDC.


Models & Stand Aesthetics - Guidance

The Beauty Show would like to provide a welcoming environment for all visitors and we would like exhibitors to bear this in mind when choosing and briefing models taking part in their stand activity, and designing graphics for the stands themselves.  When choosing models for your stand, please use these guidelines:

  • Use a mix of women and men.

  • Brief your model agency to include a diverse selection of models for you to choose from - don't assume they will as a matter of course.

  • Consider model costumes that are appropriate for a wide audience.


Music, Sound & Performing Rights

The use of public address systems, microphones hi-fi, radio, video, and sound amplification on any stand will be strictly controlled to ensure noise levels do not cause a disturbance to neighbouring visitors. Noise levels may also not exceed 80 decibels and stands will be monitored to enforce this level.


Any exhibitor playing music on their stand, must obtain a license from PPL PRS and inform the Organisers.  This includes live music as well as recorded music   Visit 


Office Supplies

There is a facility at the venue to organise a large range of office services, such as standard photocopying, colour copying, printing, binding and to purchase most types of stationery.  For further information, visit 



Exhibitors bringing in large quantities of stock on pallets are reminded that they are responsible for removing the pallets or storing them out of public sight within their stand space.  All pallets must be removed during breakdown.



Please refer to the Deliveries & Parking section for full information.



Please refer to the Passes Tab for full information.



The rigging of banners and any type of stand structure is not allowed at The Beauty Show.



Although every reasonable precaution is taken and the hall is patrolled day and night, exhibition halls are vulnerable places owing to the many different contractors and exhibitors working within an event and the Organisers can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur to your staff or property from any cause.  Please consider these security tips when planning your stand:

  • Ensure you have adequate insurance to cover all items taken to the event.

  • Make contact with the event security company for advice on how to secure your vulnerable / valuable items.

  • Consider a lockable area or cabinet to store your personal possessions and ensure you have unique locks and keys.

  • Do not leave your items unattended at any time during build-up, the open period or breakdown.

  • Do not leave the venue until all visitors have gone each evening.

  • Think about how you position desirable items when considering your stand design, especially where you may not be able to keep an eye on them.

  • Always secure desirable and vulnerable items.  Typically, these are plasma screens, laptops, mobile phones, handbags, cash boxes.

  • Ensure you have enough staff so that your area is not vulnerable to thieves and do not ask anyone else to watch over your property while you go for a break. They may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on it.

  • Remove all portable items of value each evening where possible, especially on the show close evening.  Do not leave them until the following day for collection.

  • Arrive in time for the show opening each day.  Ensure your stand is staffed at least 15 minutes before show open but remember the halls open each day at 0800 hrs for maintenance and re-stocking.

  • Use a night sheet.

  • Hire an alarm from your area if you have valuable or portable items.

  • Don’t look after items belonging to other people.

  • Consider intellectual property theft – can photographs be taken of sensitive information, machinery parts etc.


If you are a victim of theft, please report the matter immediately to the Organisers Office.


Shell Scheme Exhibitors

If you have a Shell Scheme Stand please refer to the Shell Scheme Tab for full details of what is provided and advice relevant to you.


Smoking / Vaping

Under English law, smoking is not permitted at any time inside the exhibition halls whatsoever.


Space Only Exhibitors

If you have booked a space only stand you are responsible for the entire build of your stand.  For full information, please refer to the Space Only section of this manual.  If you are looking for a contractor to manage your stand build, please contact our preferred supplier Solutions2 via email at or by phone on +44 (0)121 351 1100.


Special Effects

If you intend to demonstrate any special effects, including lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting, real flames, ultraviolet lights, high power scenic projectors, dry ice machines, firearms and pyrotechnics (including fire work displays you are required to inform the Organisers at least 35 days by emailing  You will be advised if the type of effect you are considering will be permitted and advised of applicable regulations and requirements.


Special Treatments

Please refer to the Special Treatments section of the manual.



Worldwide Exhibition Specialists DSV, the official freight contractor can store empty packing cases and boxes which are required at the end of the event to re-pack your products and displays. Please contact


If you require storage space off your stand for excess products, literature, giveaways etc. please email with your requirements who will advise what options there are.


Temporary Staff / Stand Staff

Sales and promotional staff can be booked from Bond Associates – contact


Traveling to the BDC

Located in the heart of Islington, the BDC is supported by excellent transport links.  Visit for full details of travelling to the BDC by Car, Underground and Bus.


The BDC falls just outside the Central London congestion charge but inside the Ultra Low Emission Zone.  For further information, please visit 


Vehicles / Petrol Engine Machinery

The display of vehicles and petrol engine machinery is not permitted at The Beauty Show.



Waste is not just a cleaning issue……. Consider your sustainability options and try to recycle as much of your unwanted stand materials and literature as possible.


During the build-up, open period and breakdown periods, the venue cleaners will remove normal waste from the gangways.  The definition of normal waste is packaging and small items such as those that would fit into a standard black bin bag. You and your contractor are responsible for removing all other waste, including:

  • Carpet – except scraps

  • Carpet tape

  • Crates and pallets

  • Building waste, such as bricks, sand and standfitting materials

  • Metal work

  • Heavy / large items that need to be removed by mechanical means

  • Hazardous waste – e.g. paints, solvents, chemicals, clinical waste aerosols, oils or cooking oils

  • Strip lights (fluorescent tubes and light bulbs)

  • Material produced by working demonstrations of exhibits

  • Excess literature


Charges will apply for the removal of any such items left abandoned in the hall. 


Water & Waste / Plumbing

Water and waste can be ordered from the BDC for most parts of the building – options can be viewed from the water and waste tariff issued with this manual and orders can be placed direct with the venue by emailing Jessica Shephard on  If you are ordering this service please ensure that adequate waste facilities are also ordered; mains water will not be connected unless an approved method for the disposal of the water is in place.   Please also note that in certain cases the provision of a platform floor will be required to cover the service pipes. Please liaise with the BDC when ordering water and waste as the location of these pipes may affect your stand design.


Food and other noxious substances such as paint, oil, spirits, chemicals, and milk shall not be discharged into the drainage system.


Water Features

Any exhibitor utilising a Water Feature (such as Operating Showers, Spa Baths, Garden Ornaments, Fountains, Washing Equipment, Pools, etc) on their stand must inform the Organisers via the Health & Safety Declaration (located in the Tasks & Order Forms section)..Suitable arrangements for filling and emptying the features must be arranged – under no circumstances may water be discharged onto the hall floor or into the ducts and fire hoses may not be used for filling.  All equipment and / or exhibits are required to conform to HSE approved code of practice L8 “The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems” and eguide requirements must be followed.



Free Wi-Fi is available at the BDC – to use, follow the instructions on the landing page. Please note however this is a service for general use if you require a reliable internet service on your stand, you are advised to book a dedicated connection from the venue.  Options can be viewed from the internet tariff issued with this manual and orders can be placed direct with the venue by emailing Jessica Shephard on 

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